School Age

Our School Age Programs

Ages 5 to 12: While our programs for school-age children are very diverse, they all do have one thing in common: whether it’s kindergarten or camp, Lincoln Academy gives your child endless opportunities to explore, discover and learn in a warm, safe, nurturing environment. Fun and Learning All Summer

Ages 5-12: Don’t let the friendships, fun and growth take the summer off. Enroll your child in La Petite Academy’s summer program – Summer Treasures – a Season of Experiences, a Lifetime of Memories.

Our summer program sessions, field trips and guest speakers will keep your kids happy (and learning!) until school starts again in fall. At Lincoln Academy , kids will discover their talents and interests. They will explore the wonders of nature, visit wild and exotic lands, create a superhero persona, become a chef, and more! Add snacks, hands-on projects and friends, and your school-ager’s summer will be the kind of experience he’ll remember forever.

The Before and After School Program incorporates:

Physical Activity Time – Children play on our playground or, if the weather is uncooperative, enjoy games or songs inside. It’s time spent giving their bodies what they need, while connecting with friends to talk about their day at school.

Group Meeting Time – The children gather together to foster a sense of community. Each child shares a positive experience from their day, which gives our teachers the opportunity to get to know your child, respond to their varying needs and adapt the program to fit their interests.

Homework/Quiet Time – Provides 30 minutes for homework completion. If your child doesn’t have homework, she may participate in a constructive, quiet activity, such as leisure reading, puzzle construction or completion of an art-inspired activity.

Project Time – Children break up into workshop areas where they collaborate on various long-term projects.

Literature Circle Time – Invites children to share their ideas about the literature being read. The program has several different recreational themes that are followed for several weeks depending on the interest level of the children. Additionally, we incorporate La Petite Academy’s Kids of Character Program to help develop your child’s sense of community and respect for others. Convenient hours complement your child’s daily schedule and elementary school closings, as well as transportation to and from school.