After School All Stars

Mmm Mondays

Find out what’s cooking as our students at Lincoln Academy participate in making yummy and healthy snacks. Children will also learn health and safety skills in food preparation and serving. Children will also begin creating a recipe book filled with fun snack ideas they can take home at the end of the year.

Crafty Tuesdays

Children will create their own masterpieces as they work on teacher led art projects. Children will expand their current skills by learning basic art principles.

Wonder Filled Wednesdays

Each Wednesday we will explore science and the world around us with experiments, adventures and computer programs. We will reinforce the scientific method; research question, hypothesis, procedure, and results.

Trivia Thursdays

We will help students prepare for Friday examinations by playing a trivia game geared to test general knowledge, as well as, spelling and math skills. Children will have a chance to choose teams and participate as a team captain in a friendly competitive atmosphere. We will be incorporating words from the spelling words lists and the current math skills that children have been working on during homework time that week.

Fun Fridays

With homework out of the way the children will play! This is our chance to strengthen teamwork skills and lead children in group activities using games, board games, music & movement, and sports. Time for free play will also be allotted.